Bringing researchers together to tackle the challenges of coatings digitalisation

The DSM NetworkPlus is a £1million investment by the EPSRC to bring together the diverse expertise and capabilities in UK academia to enhance digitalisation in surface manufacturing and to move the sector forward to meet the Industry 4.0 challenges.

Introductory video

Prof Matthews talks about the DSM Network
Prof Matthews talks about the EPSRC NetworkPlus in Digitalised Surface Manufacturing at MRE2020

A webinar on

Digitalised Surface Manufacturing
In a webinar conducted by Surface Ventures Limited, Prof Matthews explains what do we mean by Digitisation and why is it necessary for Coatings and Surface Manufacturing sector?


We are thankful to our valued partners for their Unconditional commitment and proactive participation

DSM Network strives to Take the Coatings and Surface Manufacturing Sector Towards Digitalisation by bringing people and capabilities together to address the challenges of Industry 4.0.