The DSM NetworkPlus is a £1million investment by the EPSRC to bring together the diverse expertise and capabilities in UK academia to enhance digitalisation in surface manufacturing and to move the sector forward to meet the Industry 4.0 challenges.

Call closes on 28 February 2022, 5 pm UK BST

Tackling COP26 challenges using digitalised surface manufacturing 

The EPSRC NetworkPlus in Digitalised Surface Manufacturing invites 3rd round of Feasibility Studies Projects. Bids must conform to EPSRC priority areas in manufacturing. DSMN+ particularly welcome bids at the interface between surface engineering and digital manufacturing. Both computational and experimental based proposals are within the scope for this call.

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11 October 2021, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm, UK BST

Tackling COP26 challenges using digitalised surface manufacturing 

This virtual event is presented by experts and leaders in the field. Collectively, they discuss current and future trends, highlight possible solutions and importance of the surface engineering and coatings sector in combating climate change for a more sustainable future. Chaired by Prof Allan Matthews (DSM Director) from The University of Manchester. 

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20 Sept 2021, 2:30- 4:15 pm, UK BST

Online event to highlight opportunities to tackle COP26 challenges. Presented by Early Career Researchers  

This virtual event is presented by DSM Early Career Researchers. Listen to our brilliant young minds and future leaders discussing their research in relation the COP26 challenges and what solutions does their research offers to the world. The event is facilitated by Dr Saurav Goel (DSM ECR Lead) from LSBU and Chaired by Prof Allan Matthews (DSM Director) from The University of Manchester. 


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24 Sept 2021, 1-2 pm, UK BST

Speaker: Ahu Gumrah Parry 

Bioinspired hierarchical materials and composites 

Abstract- Nature has mastered manufacturing hierarchical materials using supra-molecular organization of small building blocks using the most abundant elements such as Carbon, Silicon, Calcium, Magnesium, Oxygen and Nitrogen. Most common structures in nature like skeletal or soft tissue constructions as well as non-living mineral matter organization stems from the shapes and interfaces at nanoscale creating a fascinating array of multifunctional and multipurpose materials. Ahu’s research aims to understand and stimulate material interactions from molecular level to nano and macro level interfaces and therefore develop new materials with novel optical and mechanical properties. In this talk Ahu will focus on surface interactions in natural adaptive materials and our approaches to mimic and fabricate such hierarchical surfaces for antifouling and anti-microbial surfaces. 

Recording- Click here

The title of the Course is “The Smart Enough Factory: Achieving Low Cost, Low Skill, Low Risk Industry 4.0”.

We are delighted on completion of a free on-line course on Digitalisation and Industry4.0. The course was delivered in 3 parts by Dr Steve Dowey. First part of the course was delivered on Tuesday 22nd December 2020, the second part was delivered on 25 February 2021 and the third (last) part was delivered on 8 April 2021. 

RECORDINGS OF ALL PARTS could be accessed via our MEMBERS AREA on the network website, which will be accessible once you have registered.

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