The Network

The DSM NetworkPlus is a £1million investment by the EPSRC to bring together the diverse expertise and capabilities in UK academia to enhance digitalisation in surface manufacturing sector.

Our Mission

We aim to capture and understand the current UK coating research and manufacturing framework and pump-prime digitalisation activity to move the sector forward towards Industry 4.0.

Our Objectives

1. Identify
Identify and benchmark UK Capabilities in the sector
2. Enhance Capability
Enhance capability by introducing digitalisation and promoting a cultural change
3. Sustainable Forum
Providing a sustainable forum for discussion to enhance cross-sectorial learnings.
4. Establish Community
Establishing a well-informed, aware and cohesive multidisciplinary research community that is agile and committed to move the sector forward in the new Industry 4.0 age.
5. Support Research
To support fundamental research by feasibility studies and demonstrators with industry.
6. Advice
To be a Place-to-go for advice on uptake of digital technologies in the coatings sector.

Introductory video

Prof Matthews talks about the DSM Network
Prof Matthews introduces the EPSRC NetworkPlus in Digitalised Surface Manufacturing at MRE2020

Presentation slides

Digitalised Surface Manufacturing
Prof Allan Matthews discussed aim and ambitions of the DSM Network at IOM3 Surface Engineering Workshop