Christmas Quiz 2020

The festive season is here, but sadly the usual celebrations, parties and get-togethers will be toned down this year due to the pandemic.

Families across the nation will once again turn to virtual quizzes and games to spread some much-needed Christmas cheer and make merry.

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Christmas quiz questions

Christmas general knowledge questions

1. What day of the year is Christmas Day in 2020?

2. Which animal carried Mary before she gave birth to Jesus?

3. Which world leader celebrates his birthday on Christmas Day?

4. When do the 12 Days of Christmas start?

5. Which country annually sends a Christmas tree to be erected in London’s Trafalgar Square?

6. Which monarch delivered the first Royal Christmas Day Message?

7. Which country is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition?

8. What happened in the 1914 Christmas Day truce during the First World War?

9. In which year was the first Christmas card sent?

10. What indispensable item for the Christmas table did Tom Smith, a confectioner, invent?

11. Which ocean can Christmas Island be found in?

12. In what type of building was the baby Jesus born in?

13. What is your star sign if you are born on Christmas Day?

14. What time is the Queen’s speech traditionally broadcast?

15. What gifts did The Three Wise Men give Jesus on his birthday?

16. Who was crowned King of England on Christmas Day in 1066?

17. Which country traditionally plays the Boxing Day Test Match every year?

18. Which plant based Christmas tradition was started by servants in Victorian Britain?

19. Which plant has bright red and green leaves and is sometimes known as the Christmas Flower?

20. How many ghosts appear in A Christmas Carol?

Answers to the quiz above

1. 360th day 2. Donkey 3. Justin Trudeau 4. Christmas Day 5. Norway 6. King George V 7. Germany 8. A game of football between British and German soldiers 9. 1843 10. The Christmas cracker 11. Indian Ocean 12. A stable 13. Capricorn 14. 3pm 15. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh 16. William the Conqueror (William I) 17. Australia 18. Kissing under mistletoe 19. Poinsettia 20. Four