Industry 4.0 Readiness Online Self-Check for Businesses

Where does your business stand? Check your readiness for Industry 4.0!

This self-check lets you calculate your very own Industry 4.0 scorecard. Find out where you are already well prepared for Industry 4.0 and where you still have room for improvement.

The Readiness Model is the foundation for a self-assessment and comparison. The Online Self-Check developed for this purpose gives companies the ability to check their own Industry 4.0 readiness.

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The Online Self-Check is broken down into six dimensions of Industry 4.0, each containing questions on a different set of issues:

  • Strategy and organization: To what extent is Industry 4.0 established and implemented in your company’s strategy?
  • Smart factory: To what extent does your company have digitally integrated and automated production based on cyber-physical systems?
  • Smart operations: To what extent are the processes and products in your company digitally modeled and capable of being controlled through ICT systems and algorithms in a virtual world?
  • Smart products: To what extent can your products be controlled with IT, making it possible for them to communicate and interact with higher-level systems along the value chain?
  • Data­-driven services: To what extent do you offer data-driven services that are possible only through the integration of products, production, and customers?
  • Employees: Does your company possess the skills it needs to implement Industry 4.0 concepts?

This “Industry 4.0 Readiness” study was commissioned by the IMPULS Foundation of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) and conducted by IW Consult (a subsidiary of the Cologne Institute for Economic Research) and the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at RWTH Aachen University. VDMA experts and some industry representatives served in an advisory capacity in the development of the study.