DSM Network Launch Event

Network Launch and Call Open for First Feasibility Studies

National Graphene Institute, The University of Manchester, 11:30 am - 3:45 pm


The event was considered even a greater success than the pre-launch, especially due to the fact that it was a very well attended amid Covid-19 situation. We are very thankful to all our delegates who have attended and feel lucky that we could meet you all in person before the lockdown. There were over 69 delegates from 38 organisations and we were especially pleased to see the enthusiasm and engagement from the delegates. We are also thankful for the very positive feedback from all corners. 

The event started with the registration and lunch; followed by presentations from the Network Management Team. After refreshment break presentations by 4 speakers from partner organisations were made. The event was closed with the optional tour to the Visualisation labs at the Alliance Manchester Business School. 

On the same day the Network also opened call for the first round of biddable funds available to the network to fund up to nine Fundamental Research and Feasibility Studies. 


Feasibility call should be available to all, including relatively unrelated subjects- such as Maths and Management; however, they shall come up with ideas that clearly contribute to the coating sector.

DSM Network Management Team Tweet
You mentioned that the network would become self-sustaining. Would you welcome other universities to join the network?


Yes, one of core principles of the network is – all-inclusiveness. We envisage an open and cohesive research community. We would like to connect to every single lab working in the UK in the sector. That is our aim.
What do you mean by digitalisation of coating?


Digitalisation of coating could also be seen as that of coating processes as well as coating properties. • We need to educate people on what do we mean by digitalisation in coating sector and how can we bring about the cultural change.


Robert Quarshie

Allan Matthews