DSM Network's initial partners

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We have, as Network partners, some of the most innovative coatings manufacturers and related companies in the UK, including Monitor Coatings, Wallwork, Poeton, Thin Metal Films, Micromaterials, and TRL9; and other appropriate manufacturing hubs, networks and catapults (eg. MAPP and AMRC).

The number of UK academic and industrial partners  ensures a Direct National Impact of the DSM Nework and its activities. 

We invite you to join us
  • Other companies and networks will be invited to join the NetworkPlus during the lifecycle of the project. 
  • The Network will benefit from close collaboration with: 
  • The Henry Royce Institute (HRI) for Advanced Materials: a key collaborator in this project that will provide links to many other academics institutions. The HRI will allocate 1250m2 floor space and £3m of existing capital equipment for the making, testing and imaging of coating systems. 
  • The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum (SELF): set up following the report of the SEAC special interest group, SELF comprises senior representatives from industry trade bodies, research and technology organisations, professional engineering institutions and specialist manufacturers.  
  • The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), a member of the IUK funded HVM Catapult, is a RTO that develops and proves innovative manufacturing processes and technologies, with emphasis on digitalisation of manufacturing processes, in partnership with industry and academia.