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Allan Matthews

The University of Manchester

Allan is known internationally as a pioneer in the surface coating field, especially in the use of environmentally-friendly plasma-based processes.

Adrian Murphy

Queens University Belfast

Adrian’s research has focused on modelling to understand and control the influence of processes on product performance and cost.

Ashutosh Tiwari

The University of Sheffield

Ash’s research focuses on real-time digitisation, simulation and optimisation of skill-intensive manufacturing processes, such as wing manufacture and engine assembly.

Saurav Goel

London South Bank University

Saurav’s research lies on the footings of Material Oriented manufacturing and analysis by using Multi-scale modelling techniques involving the use of finite element as well as atomic simulations. 

Working collaboratively is our key to success

Many universities in the UK have expertise in coatings and surface engineering. The aim of the Network is to involve ALL universities and labs in the UK with interest in this field.